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How can we help?.. click on the services below:

  • First Aid at Work (providers)

  • First Aid at Work (instructors)

  •  Mental Health First Aid

  •  Fire Warden Training

  •  Production Safety Training     (HoDs & Crew) 

  •  Hazardous Material Handling

We provide

 specialist advice along with 

qualified personnel & equipment, 

 inc' on-site staff training 

for the following:


Health & Safety Advisers

Health & Safety Training

On-Site Medic Provision

First Aid Training  - all levels

Haz Chem Handling

Environment & Waste Management

Industrial Packaging 

Dangerous Goods

Boval Consulting & Advice


We have years of 'hands-on' expertise and front-line experience in providing help and advice to a wide range of industries - including:


  • Media / Film & Television Safety

  • Industrial Packaging Manufacture & Testing

  • Environmental Management & Recycling

  • Hazardous / Dangerous Goods Transport

  • Private Health Sector Services

Boval Safety & Medical Training


Our experienced instructors are able to provide a wide range of training for; First Aid, Manual Handling and Dangerous Goods Handling. All training can be on-site, at your own premises - minimising any interruption to your working operations.

Boval Courses:

  • ​HSE First Aid at Work Instructor Training 

  • HSE First Aid at Work (3 days)

  • HSE Emergency First Aid at Work (1 day)

  • Airborne Pathogen Awareness

  • Infant & Childcare / Paediatric First Aid

  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Remote Location First Aid

  • Manual Handling Training

  • AED / Defibrillator Use

  • ADR Dangerous Goods Driver Awareness

  • Fire Warden


Where does the name 'Boval' come from?...
For many years our Swiss relatives ran the Boval Hutte in St. Moritz, near Piz Bernina. At 2495m above sea level .. a 2 hr trek from Morterattsch station, this is an excellent stopover for walkers and climbers alike - whilst also acting as an emergency refuge for those in need.
The mountains provide an excellent reference for the natural beauty of our environment, but
also highlight t
he need for safety skills, experience and preparedness when conditions can suddenly change. This is why our logo reflects both the peaks of a mountain and also reference the peaks seen on an ECG heart chart.
For details of the Boval Hutte, please go to:

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