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Industrial Packaging Expertise

Our specialist arm, Boval Consulting Ltd, works directly with the leading trade associations of the UK & Europe, that represent the Industrial Packaging Sector within Government, Regulations and Standards bodies.


We provide expertise to support the industry through General and Technical Administration, Committee Management, specialist expertise and representation within government committees, national standards and enforcement bodies.


The Trade Associations we work within include...

IPA - Industrial Packaging Association of the UK

EIPA - European Industrial Packaging Association

SEFFI - European Association of Fibre Drum Manufacturers

SERRED - European Association of Drum & IBC Reconditioners

PF - Packaging Federation (UK)

We have in-depth knowledge of the development, manufacture, testing and correct use of Industrial packaging - including UN Approved containers, for use with Dangerous Goods - ranging from 25 litre Jerrycan containers, through to the 1000 litre Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs). This includes all the main materials and design types - including steel, plastics, composite and fibreboard. 

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