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Environmental Services

Our Environmental Services extend to all industries, from Chemical Manufacture, Waste Management and Transportation to Media and Medical.

We employ Chartered Environmentalists, each of whom belong to the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management and have many years of experience in the practical application of Standards and Regulations for optimisation of environmental systems to ensure minimal impact.

As members of British, European and International Standards for the drafting and development of Environmental Standards - including lead roles Chairing Packaging & Environment Standards at BSI plus other, international roles - we can give a unique insight into the latest thinking and pending changes on Environmental Legislation and Enforcement issues.

We have specialist knowledge of Packaging Waste - with a sub-speciality focus on Industrial / Chemicals Packaging ... including systems for collection, reconditioning, re-certification (UN Dangerous Goods) & reuse, recycling and recovery systems. Working within the UK, EU and International bodies for Industrial Packaging (such as IPA, SERRED, SEFFI, & EIPA), we can provide the latest insights into dangerous goods / chemicals packaging, labelling, handling and transport systems.

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