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Medical Services

Boval Safety & Medical 2020 Green, Black

On-Site Medical Provision

We provide qualified medical staff to meet your needs - ranging from experienced First Aiders

to Paramedics, Pre-Hospital Trauma Medics, ECAs & First Responders.

All our Medics come fully equipped, with a wide range of medical equipment including; diagnostics, gases, injury and trauma management as required to respond to an incident, injury or illness - dependant upon their qualification. We are happy to cover corporate, event and production requirements - including; rigging, de-rigging, set construction, on-location filming and specialised work such as in-water, large crowds, child performers, stunts and remote locations etc.

Our medics are all trained in Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) and APA Approved as Covid-19 Supervisors for work on-location. With the added expertise of our qualified Hazardous & Clinical Waste Management Team alongside our Environment Agency Registered Waste Carriage, we can manage your complete requirements.

We also provide ambulances for events and media productions - ranging from basic cover to 'on-camera' dressing for film & television productions, through to fully equipped vehicles with qualified crew, capable of providing on-scene treatments.

Our medics also have a wide range of experience - from working with dangerous goods and hazardous materials to on-location Event Medics and Film Unit Medics for a wide range of media productions.

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