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Health & Safety Services

We provide advice and assistance on a range of Health & Safety issues - from

straightforward guidance on the development of Health & Safety Policies to provision of 

Risk Assessments & Method Statements and application of Sector Standards - including

the new International Standard; ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety (previously known as

BS OHSAS 18001).

As members of IOSH, our advisers have a wide range of industry experience - including; Manufacturing, Engineering, Industrial Packaging, Chemicals & Dangerous Goods / ADR Transport, plus Media / Film & Television production - location recces & risk assessments.

We provide qualified on-site Safety Advisers, including Covid-19 Infection Prevention and Control Supervisors (IPC & APA Approved) with experience in Aseptic Techniques, PPE use and Special / Clinical Waste Management.

Our specialised service and experience can also be directly linked to training of staff in;  First Aid at Work, Manual Handling, Fire Warden Training and Hazardous Chemicals / Dangerous Goods Awareness and specialist courses such as Airborne Pathogen Awareness. We can even train your own First Aiders to be 'in-house' First Aid at Work Instructors!


Our Health & Safety Services are supported by our provision of experienced, professional medical staff and equipment 'on-location' as may be required for large events and high risk activities such as film stunts, work in remote locations, etc.

Our experts can provide desk-top studies for projected developments or work on-site alongside your existing Safety Management to provide specialist assistance - in such areas as; Dangerous Goods, Hazardous & Clinical Wastes, (including the Packaging, Labelling and Transport requirements under CDG / ADR / UN and can join your HOD teams for Location Evaluations, Tech' Recces & Risk Assessments for Events, Media and Film & Television productions.

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